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SaferWeb is a popular VPN provider that offers it’s customers privacy and security when using the internet. They offer a wide variety of locations as well as a super choice of protocols. We took the time to review them and here is what we found:



Website: The website delivers on the brand’s message of safety and privacy online. The site is very well laid out; organised and efficient - it delivers all of the necessary information accurately and succinctly. The SaferWeb site uses subtle animations to emphasise important points and features. The colour scheme perfectly suits the company’s message and provides a feeling of reliability.


Plans and Pricing: The folks at SaferWeb offer two different pricing plans, each offering 1 to 24 month terms. Similarly to most of our other reviewed providers - the longer the term commitment, the cheaper price. At SaferWeb, you can expect to pay $4.95/mo for the basic option and $6.95/mo for the more premium offering. This pricing structure make SaferWeb super competitive and one of the most cost effective VPN providers in the market.


Features: The team at Safer Web have built a VPN product with a really strong feature set. All of the essentials are covered and they have even included a browser based web proxy. Their website (knowledgebase) states that they have servers in over 30 different countries and 35 different locations, which leaves them a little short compared to the likes of PureVPN and HMA, however they appear to have focused their efforts on more popular locations - which is actually a pretty good strategy.


Security & Protocols: The VPN Protocols offered by SaferWeb are what you would expect to see from a high profile VPN provider. Their protocol suite features OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP over IPSec and IKEv2 - they fall short on SSTP, but do mention on their company website that it is coming soon. We will check back regularly and update this review when necessary.

As you would expect from a VPN company that promotes safety and privacy so much, SaferWeb don’t log which sites you visit and instead only record the IP from which you are connecting to their network and how much bandwidth you are using. Their knowledgebase articles were pretty informative about this.


Customer Support: Support at Safer Web VPN is offered by email and by live chat. We tested both and found the response times to be very good indeed; the response to our email took just under 4.5 hours and the live chat team took no time at all to respond to us - just over 10 seconds to wait before we were connected with ‘Jason’ and the quality of the support provided was very good. The knowledge of protocols was very good and in particular, the agent was very clear in their instructions to help us manually configure a connection. The customer support center and knowledgebase is packed full of really informative articles and also provides an easy method to get in touch with their support team.


Customer Dashboard: The dashboard is very clearly laid out and makes navigating around the nice and simple. There are options to manage your subscription, access the web proxy and also grab some pretty cool account add-ons. The dashboard is also where users will find all of the information regarding manual VPN configuration on devices which aren’t supported by their downloadable software. There isn’t too much else to it - it does exactly what you need it to and it does it in a very pleasant way.


Desktop Client: After a pretty straight forward signup process the user is presented with the client download page where the browser defaults the download to your device type. We downloaded the mac osx software and found it to be very intuitive. The server listings were all presented at the forefront of the product, with the following step being to simply click connect. It is clear that there has been a lot of effort put into keeping it simple - something that many of our reviewed providers fail to achieve. There are some pretty neat settings and we particularly like the fact it uses a native settings window.


Mobile: Safer Web offer both iOS and Android applications, other mobile devices are supported using manual configuration. We tested the iOS app on an iPhone 6 running version 9.1 - the app is very nicely designed, closely mirroring the layout and user experience of the desktop versions but with a more simplified settings config. The app ran smoothly and thankfully setup without the need for any clunky profile installation process. One of the best mobile apps that we have tested!


Conclusion: SaferWeb is great choice for users who are concerned about security and privacy. Pricing is on point and represents great value when compared to a number of other providers. Whilst they need a few more locations before they are competing with established competitors, they do have the most commonly required locations and for most users, that will be more than enough. Their protocol offering is comprehensive - they are only missing SSTP at the moment and. Finally the addition of a free web proxy is a really nice bonus for their users. All in all, we highly recommend SaferWeb and encourage our readers to give them a go.






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