Why Should I use a VPN?

For those of you who don’t know, VPN stands for a Virtual Private Network and what it does basically, is create a secure connection between two different devices. They have become a solution for long-distance networks, making them secured and discreet. You see, the greatest security risks now-a-days are coming from your personal data being exploited. You cannot be sure if a data being transferred from one device to another is being used by someone else as well; someone sitting right in the middle of the chain.

Let me explain how VPN works with an example. Take the internet to be a series of wires, all interconnected. Now imagine if you had your own personal wire to stretch from your home to wherever you want to connect to without any other connection. This secure wire is the VPN. Here, the VPN encrypts data from one end and then takes it to the other and then decrypts it. This way your data is always secure. But is it worth it? Let’s see the advantages a VPN can bring us:

Security: This is obviously, the main purpose of the VPN. It also works however, with websites and keeps your personal data hidden from hackers and others alike. It can be the only thing to save you from cyber crime. Moreover, in the younger age, it is common for data loss to occur. Thus, most of them, especially students, are provided with a VPN to gain a safer way to access the network.

Safe Downloads: It has become common now-a-days, to get caught up in court for something you didn’t do. Believe it or not, it also happens in normal everyday downloading. You see, pirating is not exactly legal. Therefore, it is always wiser to use a VPN when downloading torrents because you never know; you might have to end up paying a fine for nothing.

Anonymity: For people who think that everything that they say or do, should be private and only known to them, then VPN is the answer. It creates an anonymous profile for the person using it, eliminating every kind of data by which you could be identified for a specific action; all except an IP address. But guess what; with a VPN you can keep changing that too!

Bypass Filters: VPNs are great when it comes to accessing a blocked website or bypassing web filters. Most people can’t even use common websites of the internet because of a government policy or a similar reason. Fret not! With a VPN, no website is beyond your reach!

Increased Performance – Reduced Costs: Amazingly, most VPNs today, offer great performance boosts to your networking. Once implemented, the bandwidth and internet speed can be increased through a secured VPN connection! Moreover, with a VPN, maintenance costs are almost halved! Even more, a service provider will rid all worries of a network setup and no surveillance would be needed entirely.