10 Reasons to use a VPN

Top Ten Reasons to Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

The internet has become a resource that we rely on for a variety of reasons. As our reliance on digital tools has increased over recent decades, stories of people having their identities stolen by online hackers have risen along with it. Luckily, there are a few options to at least slow down the any invasion of your private information, such as setting up a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Here are the top ten reasons why a VPN is a wise investment:

Public Wi-Fi Protection: Public Wi-Fi connections are somewhat of a roll of the dice: you never know what you can get. A VPN adds a layer of protection to your adventures on the information super highway, meaning that whatever goes in or out of your web surfing is safe.

Privacy: That added layer of security is also handy in places that have restrictive policies when it comes to internet usage. How do you know they are aware of your browsing? They can spy on your computer. A VPN circumvents such measures.

Security: Not only will a VPN protect you from would-be prowlers on public Wi-Fi networks, but they provide security for your own networks as well. No ill-intending bit of software is getting past its firewalls.

Anonymity: An extra bit of security found in the use of a VPN is in that they provide a measure of online anonymity. Our IP addresses can give us away online, but since VPN’s are rerouted, they keep the users masked.

Covering Your Tracks: Tech savvy hackers who know what they are looking for by watching your internet browsing habits. By hooking up a with a VPN, not only will it be more difficult for you to be identified but thieves will be less able to track your movements and entrap you.

Bypassing the Government: There are still countries in the world that do not allow certain content from the internet finding its way onto the screens of its citizens. Since VPNs deal with their own separate servers, they are not subject to national laws.

Streaming: One major concern of that restricted access is not being able to see the media output we have come to enjoy so much. Again, having a VPN can get you on the way to enjoying YouTube for as long a you desire, no matter where you are.

Speed: Using local area networks (LAN) or public Wi-Fi (or both) can be a dangerous activity and can slow your computer down as everyone competes for usage. VPN’s, because they are on there on separate frequency, eliminate these problems.

Private Sharing: The loose protection of public internet sources can lead to others seeing the files we share with another whether we know it or not. On a VPN you share files without worrying about them becoming public knowledge.

Cloaked Video Phone Calls: Enjoy making Skype or FaceTime calls? They are vulnerable to unwanted eavesdroppers in many instances. Keep them hidden by implementing a VPN.

Your Own Internet Kingdom: The internet is largely driven by others whose rules you have to abide by. With a VPN, you are in charge.